Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Austrian Spot Sampler...More Progress

I've been stitching like mad on this project. I've pushed all other projects aside to do this one. I intended to rotate between this one and my Quaker Mystery, but the Spot Sampler is calling to me and I can't seem to work on anything but this one. Anyway, its coming along rather quickly. I've made a few boo boos and have had to do some frogging, but it was nothing major. I think I have found the perfect alphabet to use for my initials at the top. As I last posted, I didn't care for the "A" that was included in the alphabet with this pattern. I will probably stitch my initials in at the end of the project.

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Maxine said...

great progress Amanda, i love the design and the colour you've chosen :) Have emailed you recently but goblins could be about again lol.