Monday, January 11, 2010

Update and a New Project

This is my Quaker Seasons of Friendship as of yesterday, January 10th. I did not have a lot of opportunity to stitch on this project over the weekend, so my progress was minimal.

When I am not stitching on Quaker Seasons of Friendship, this is the project I am working on:

I began this project on January 1st. Its called Enya and it is from Sampler Cove. I am a big fan of Enya, so I decided to stitch this in colors I think reflect the artist. The main color is Ethereal Ice and the other color is Mermaid 2331, both by HDF. I really like how this design is unfolding.


mollycaff said...

Lovely stitching, the colours you are using for Enya are stunning!

Maxine said...

Amanda you go girl :) you are doing a fabulous job of stitching on the SFQuaker and I love the new start and the colours you've chosen, Sampler Cove have some gorgeous designs. I have stitched on my SFQuaker and will put an update up soon I just haven't been feeling too well so only just briefly come on the computer now.

Terri said...

Very nice. I love watching the process with these samplers