Monday, April 05, 2010

Mystery Quaker Progress

stitched on 32ct Spring Meadow Green with Old Maid of the Forest by HDF

After finishing a 'new' project (Sunflower Inn), I decided to go back and work on one of my WIPs. Since I am getting close to finishing my Mystery Quaker, I decided to pull this one out of the pile and stitch on it for the week. I made a lot of progress. However, I am stuck on what to do with the motif below the S. The pattern shows it with a squirrel, but I don't like how the squirrel looks. He looks demonic. So I am thinking of stitching a bird in the tree or maybe something else. Any suggestions?

1 comment:

drea_dear said...

Maybe just a sunshine above the tree, so that it still goes with the "S"? It looks great so far!