Thursday, March 31, 2011

Purple Garden Part 2

I finally finished part 2 of Purple Garden last night. I was getting very frustrated with the backstitch flowers at the bottom. I was a few stitches off and could not figure out where I had miscounted. After frogging the stitches 3 times I finally discovered my error...I was actually a stitch off on the little diamond to the right of the carnation. So I had to frog everything up to the diamond and restitch. Hopefully when I begin to stitch part 3 it will go much smoother than part 3. I guess I will have to keep this mantra in mind: Count once, stitch twice; count twice, stitch once.

Now I can go back to my Quaker Star. I finally got the last part of the design so I can finish it. Hopefully by Monday I'll have a finished Quaker Star to show you!

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