Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Its finally done! I actually finished on December 7th, but I've only just now been able to get it photographed. It was a pleasure to stitch this project. The only changes I made were the initials at the top--I used letters from a French Alphabet book--and instead of using the 2 initials in the design I used 2 motifs instead. Thanks Romy for this wonderful design!


Maxine said...

WOW Amanda fabulous finish!!!! It looks stunning you did a great job :) Did you get the email and/or the parcel I sent? Hope you have a great Christmas hun and a Happy New Year.X

:: wee bird :: said...

just passing thru and I just had to give a big well done for this project!
just awesome :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is sooo very lovely, thx for sharing this:) Peaked at some of your others, just beautiful. Sue