Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Another Finish

Well I have another finish for the year. Sadly, I've only finished 7 pieces this year. And they were mostly small projects or SAL projects where I had a deadline to meet. Maybe I need to be involved in more SALs. I guess knowing I won't get the next part of the design until I finish the previous part is a great motivator for me!

Anyway, here is my completed piece. This was a free design from Carol at iStitch. Mine is stitched it on 28 count lavender Bliss, which is very hard to photograph. But it’s a pretty, pale lavender. I used a silk floss that I got from an HDF d-bag. I’m pretty sure it’s Dark Wisteria. I will eventually make this piece into a top for a box like she shows on her web site. Carol also sent a bonus chart to make a pin pillow, which I will stitch as soon as I get some more Lavender Bliss.

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