Thursday, August 02, 2012

One Nation Progress

Slowly but surely I am getting there. I have 2 more stripes to go and it is done! I've made this project my goal piece to finish for the month of August.

After I finish One Nation, I will have to decide what 'new' project I want to start. It is a toss up between LHN's Old Nantucket and Ink Circles' Cirque des Cercles done in a special dye color that Vikki at HDF did for me:

My plan is to stitch CDC on Black Lugana. I will probably go blind stitching on such a dark fabric, but I think the combination of the floss and black fabric will make this design really pop. Wish me Luck!


Mindi said...

You're so close to a finish on One Nation, its looking gorgeous! I love the floss Vikki dyed for you, it will be stunning on black.

Nadia said...

It will be beautiful, I have stitched CDC and CdT so far and I have CdCx in progress...all on the same count black fabric. It makes the colours pop!

Maureen said...

That is a gorgeous colour for cdc . It'll look stunning on black. Go for it..